Why Join?

Over 750 pharmacies across Australia have chosen to be part of Club Premium. When you become a Club Premium member you’ll save time and money with our pharmacy retail services. Club Premium Buying and Plus members will have instant access to buying deals across 5000+ SKUs (no need to negotiate with supplier reps every day) and can opt-in for a range of retail merchandising, marketing and business tools. FREE membership is possible for eligible independent pharmacy members. Click here to find out more.

Better Buying

All our member have access to promotional pricing through our Pharmacy Best Buys promotional program each month. Club Premium Buying and Plus level members also have access to competitive buying deals across 4,500+ SKUs from a large range of suppliers. Our buying deals can save you time and money, and are a strong reason to join API’s Club Premium program. Click here to learn more about our Better Buying.

Better Merchandising

The Club Premium team know you want to increase basket size and customer loyalty in your pharmacy. Club Premium Plus level members have access to planograms across 31 categories that are driven by real consumer retail data and created by API’s expert space planners and buyers. Implementing planograms will ensure customers have access to the right products in the right place, which will encourage a larger basket size and repeat visits. We know implementing category management in your pharmacy can be challenging so your API BDM will be there to guide you through the merchandising process. Learn more about Club Premium’s range of merchandising tools here.

Better Marketing

Club Premium offers a range of opt-in, low-effort marketing tools for your business. There’s no need to spend weeks negotiating with suppliers, graphic designers and printers when you can opt-in to our Pharmacy Best Buys promotional program. Pharmacy Best Buys makes promotions easy for members – click here to learn more about this exciting pharmacy retail service!
As well as Pharmacy Best Buys, the API Local Area Marketing (LAM) team can create fully customised marketing campaigns for you. Click here to read more about LAM services available to members.

Better Business

Members of the Club Premium program can have more control over their pharmacy through our Better Business tools. Click here to read more. Club Premium members can sign up to StoreIQ, an intuitive business reporting tool that can help you keep track of what’s happening in your business. Member communications and the myAPI portal will keep you up to date with all the Club Premium news, special offers and more.


Rebates are available for pharmacies that follow good business practices. If you reach all rebate targets, this can cover the cost of your membership, meaning you can be part of Club Premium for FREE*. Click here to read more.

*Rebates are only available to full-fee paying Club Premium Plus level members. See letter of offer for full details and conditions.