Professional Services Program

Now more than ever, community pharmacy needs to optimise their professional services offers to ensure a viable and profitable future, particularly with continuing price disclosure in the dispensary. Having a robust and consistent professional services offer will assist pharmacies to access the additional funding for the delivery of professional service programs allocated throughout the 7th Community Pharmacy Agreement.

Our exciting professional services program is designed to improve and enhance the services and advice provided by your pharmacy to your patients.

About the program

Over a structured program, you Professional Services Adviser will provide you with simple and practical advice on how to better implement MedChecks, Clinical Interventions, DAA’s, Staged Supple 7CPA Data collection, Leave Certificates, and Scripts on File/Reminder systems. You will also receive a promotional material pack to kick-start your pharmacy transformation.

Benefits for your pharmacy

  • Realise the opportunity that exists with professional services
  • Delivers consistent in-store 7CPA services
  • Creates a ‘home’ for professional services
  • Maximises income opportunities across a range of services
  • Grow your customer base by keeping their scripts on file

Benefits for your customers

  • Convenient and continuous access to local health professionals
  • Early detection of health risks and potential issues
  • Improved health outcomes
  • Better quality of life
  • Holistic health care service offering

Included with you Club Premium Professional membership.