Core Range

Maximise merchandising in your business…


As a Club Premium Plus level member you have access to planograms across 24 categories. Planograms are created using consumer retail data and wholesale withdrawal data. We use a variety of sources including Nielson, Scan Trak, Intellipharm, Aztec Data and more. This ensures your customers have access to what they want, when they want in your independent pharmacy.

API’s Space Planners collaborate with our buyers to develop planograms. Planograms may vary from state to state, depending on whether they include S3 medicines. Instructions are also included to advise you if some lines must be merchandised behind the counter. This ensures are planograms are relevant to your state.

Category Management Updates

Our Merchandise team keep you up-to-date on any category management changes through weekly Merchandise Updates and via myAPI. As SKUs are added/removed from planograms, you will be alerted via the weekly Merchandise Update e-newsletter. An updated planogram will also be uploaded to myAPI.

If a new planogram or category review is released, this will be uploaded to myAPI for your convenience. You will be made aware of new planograms or category reviews via the Merchandise Updates.