Business Improvement Workshops

Would you like to …

  • Grow your sales overnight
  • Optimise sales within your pharmacy retail space
  • Improve store presentation’
  • Increase and maintain levels of customer service
  • Effectively merchandise your store
  • Understand your competition
  • Offer improved retail services

Throughout the year, API hosts Retail Ready© business improvement workshops to adjust your store’s culture to be retail focused and customer led. The dynamic program will teach pharmacists and staff about the behaviour and thought pattern of the customer, why category management is important and how it can lift your sales and a range of other insights that, if implemented will help drive sales in your pharmacy.

Typically we expect and have achieved up to double-digit improvements in sales increase and in gross margin % within 6-8 weeks of implementing this program.

Club Premium Plus members can send one of their staff members to Retail Ready© for FREE each year!

Retail Ready